Quality management


ERMICO Kft is engaged into close professional and business relationships with its clients, through its commercial and project management contractor activity.

Our quality assurance policy focuses on our customers to whom we sell our products and services on a daily basis, striving to fully meet their expectations and needs, while bearing in mind other external requirements, as well. By satisfying the requirements, we contribute to our customers’ success and efficiency which is beneficial for ERMICO Kft’s business, as well.

To this end, a major component in our objectives is to sell products and render services at exclusively high standards, regularly developing them, as well as the system.

As part of our activity, we use our best endeavors to perform our deliveries and projects within the time limits undertaken and to improve their efficiency according to our standards.

We strive to manage inquiries, requests for quotes, orders, and negative comments promptly and carefully, as indeed this helps guarantee our company’s success.

Our quality assurance policy lays down mandatory guidelines to every employee for quality-conscious, customer-oriented and responsible work.

To this end and in accordance with the concepts presented above, Ermico Kft’s managing director expects full compliance with the principles laid down in the quality assurance policy.

Budapest, 13 November 2017