our ERP system

Flexibility and the capacity to adapt quickly are the main advantages of our company. The preservation of benefits and the development of new skills have become significantly important with the increase of company size, the increased complexity of processes and the sharp rise in data. Our system ensures process transparency, management control, and due to its extensive analytical tools, it provides useful information for decision-making.

It covers all of our business processes, so our company may decide on the most appropriate solution according to the emerging needs.

Owing to its comprehensive parameterising option almost any business need can be taken into account in our system, whether it is a normal or a unique business or industrial demand.

Our corporate governance system includes:

  • the management of orders and project progress
  • invoicing and other financial records
  • keeping stock records
  • handling of procurement tasks and logistics
  • data management

Our system is structured according to our individual needs and processes and can be continuously shaped according to the further arising needs so we can adapt in a more flexible way to the systematic processing of our customers’ ideas.