About us

Ermico Ltd.

Our company, Ermico Ltd,  was founded in 2010, and is entirely in Hungarian ownership. Our aim is to provide production support, machinery and solutions to everyday problems related to the replacement, production and marketing of spare parts, and to support the planning, production and installation of smaller machines and transport belts.

As a result of our successful venture, project management and main contractor activities have become an integral part of our everyday work from 2011. The scope of our contracts ranges from machine planning done on different manufacturing lines to the handover of turn-key machines, together with air technology, technical plumbing and other building engineering solutions.

Our principal scope of activities

  • Production, maintenance and marketing of machinery

  • We are able to deliver maintenance equipment, commercial products, production of spare parts for equipment, and construction of spare parts stock

  • Construction of engineering projects.

  • Planning and installation of industrial tube and circulation systems and boiler houses.

We put the icing on the cake

What we offer, our strengths

  • Prompt reply to all requests

  • Best price-value ratio strategy

  • Agreeing on individual delivery deadlines depending on urgency

  • Organization, planning and coordination of the whole process, taking care of all the details

  • Continuous monitoring during the entire activity

  • Flexible project management

  • Cost efficiency

  • Besides the manufacturing/installing of spare parts, we also undertake:

  • Engine renovations

  • Electric motor repairs, winding

  • Maintenance of complete industrial equipment, weekly, monthly, annually

  • Electronic, mechanical, locksmith industrial construction work

  • Modernization of machines, re-designing, manufacturing and acquiring spare parts

We choose the materials that represent the quality corresponding with the specific regulations applying to our products and machines.

In view of the scope of activities covered by Ermico Ltd., we place special emphasis on the development of customer relationship management, on learning more about our clients’ needs and finding the solutions that serve their needs best.

When planning, we always use optimal technology. In the implementation phase, our priorities include operational safety, energy-saving operations, maximum performance and cost-friendly constructions.

We seek to earn the trust of our partners by ensuring quality and development, each and every day.

In defining requirements, we take into consideration to enforce legislation and customer regulations related to the specific activity. If problems arise, we solve them as efficiently as possible.